Packing and Removals

By performing integrated service our Company has the ability to provide you with a one stop shopping point for:

  • Packing, Unpacking, Removal and Fumigation
  • Storage and Transportation
  • Air Freight and Sea Freight
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Import Customs Clearance

Our packing process has a defined outline, solid to ensure our customers trust and peace of mind, flexible enough to adjust according to needed requirements

Packing Steps:

  • Assessment: We will undertake a survey to estimate customers’ requirement and need
  • Offer: will be submitted promptly after thorough study
  • Plan: a plan will be developed tailor made to fit each customer’s requirements
  • Tips: will be given to Client, pointing various aspects to be considered while moving
  • Packing Operation: each item has its defined kind of packing material
  • Transport: By estimating volumes available, we can provide with best transport means
  • Unpacking: Fast and precise, moving commodities into their designated space as per customer’s request and removal of debris

A wide range of Packing material is used during Packing Processes depending on Material specifications and requirements. Our superior packing materials can also be sold to you for your personal use

  • Wooden Boxes and Crates(fumigated and no fumigated)
  • Cartons: including different types (regular Boxes, Hanging Garments… etc.)
  • Encapsulated-air Plastic Sheeting (Bubble Wrap)
  • Loose fill Peanuts: pieces of expanded polystyrene that are used to fill empty space in packages
  • Corrugated Paper

And many other specialized materials…